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small batch gypsy brewing

plant medicine apothecary and a way of life

a medicinal bar, ferment station

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Amanita Kombucha is a kind of mushroom tea, a living drink

Sanskrit, the word Amānitā (अमानिता) means modesty or humility
& in ancient Greek, is for "a kind of mushroom".

the Chinese and Japanese characters for mushroom, fungus,
or mold, they all contains the same character.

kombucha and mushroom have long been traditional medicine
for longevity and immunity.

from the cap of the amanita kombucha down to the flame
you see the egyptian ankh,
a symbol of life & transformation

the lotus for its sacred beauty,
the flame for the light in me,
& from my fire of passion & in people around me

that all resembling the body of the genus,
fly agaric Amanita Muscaria


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